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Retail Voices Aims To Give Your Brand A Stronger Voice Within The Retail Industry.
Retail Voices was launched in 2017 to provide companies with the opportunity to easily increase their brand visibility online. In a highly competitive industry it can sometimes be difficult to get your voice heard. This open access website enables all companies no matter the size, to increase their brand exposure and extend their online reach.

Everything Is Connected.
The Retail Voices website is part of a larger network of “Voices Websites”. The Voices Network contains Logistics Voices, Manufacturing Voices, Retail Voices, Food Voices and more. So if your news is “Retail” and “Food” with a splash of “Logistics”. Then expect to see your Press Release on three sites, not just one.

We Want To Hear Your Voice……… Literally!
So what do we want? We want your VIDEOS and your PRESS RELEASES. Why? Because traditional print media is having to evolve in the “Digital Age”. Retail Voices’ main focus is on promoting and developing video content. So instead of writing about your brand…….we’ll also be asking you to visit one of three “Voices Studios”, to come in and talk about your products, your company and your insights into the Retail Sector….. and if you already have a portfolio of Video Assets, we can add them to the site.

Being Different.
Most news websites carry Press Releases and provide “editorial” viewpoints on today’s current news but Retail Voices is focused on developing “Video Editorial”. We will be obtaining that editorial at the events our camera teams film at and within our studios. That video is then distributed by social media and through our mailing lists. The video interviews we produce are also available for the interviewee to use on their own website.

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